10 Tips Business Ideas for Services

The service industry today is one of the most profitable in the world. The profitability is due to the fact that intangible products are sold that do not have a cost, but are measured by the hours invested or personnel expenses. In this article we will look at some popular service business ideas.
Services Business

There are all kinds of services available: professional services such as accountant, lawyer, architect, etc., information management services, personnel management services, etc. I want to offer you some service business ideas that are more focused on reality and demand:

1. Professional Services Business for a specific segment

An alternative for a professional who wants to become independent and sell their services through a portfolio of clients, is to specialize in a specific segment of people.

For example, in the case of a lawyer, you can specialize in 1 type of law (civil, labor, criminal, family) and in a specific group of people (with few resources, foreigners, etc.). This applies to any independent service.
2. Service businesses for high income segments

There are many service businesses to meet the needs of high-income people.

In this aspect, there are many ways to approach these types of clients; For example, a masseuse can:

a) have a store in a high income neighborhood,

b) offer your home service,

c) promote themselves by recommendation to business people

d) offer only one type of services (massage with stone)

The advantage of focusing your business in this niche of people is that they have the financial capacity to pay for very specific services.
3. Education services

The education industry today more than ever allows the entry of new businesses for successful entrepreneurs. Certainly he has to obtain the certificates of studies to make his teaching valid, however another alternative is to offer “support” services to education.

These can be practical courses, educational consultancies per hour, consultancies for an educational project, etc. It also has alternatives such as face-to-face courses, online courses, or online consultations.
4. Services related to information technology management

With so much technological advance, a business opportunity is opened for those companies that offer support services for information technology management.

This in simple words, is support for the use of softwares, databases, programming, online platforms, etc. I repeat, there is a lot of market available for programmers and people with knowledge of technologies.
5. Business services businesses

Many micro and small companies in Mexico and Latin America face problems they do not know how to fix. From how to increase sales, inventory management, legal issues, import and export, etc.

This is an opportunity for consulting services businesses that offer their services in package forms or clear prices for the public.

SMEs have used little consulting because they do not offer clear and accurate information about costs, and how this expense becomes an investment for their business.
6. Protection and security services

Among the best business ideas for Mexico, are the services of protection and personal security, homes, business, premises, etc. There is a great diversity of services to offer, from armed escorts to simple spy cameras at home.
7. Services for varied events

There is a great demand for services for varied events, from weddings, christenings, children’s parties, wedding parties, birthdays, etc.

The services vary depending on what the client is looking for, it can be a catering service, waiters, music, dance, rent furniture, rent a room, etc. It is important the promotion and recommendation of the clients for the success of this business.
8. Home services

Another niche that has been little exploited as a serious business is the services to meet the needs of the home, whether cleaning, arranging or caring for the home, in the aspect of interiors and exteriors.

In this niche there are a lot of potential business ideas to offer: house cleaning service, minor repairs, help for the housewife, washing and ironing clothes at home, decoration, etc.

The key is to manage the business so that it is serious; This allows both to give credibility of the service and increase to more competitive prices.

9. Leisure / entertainment services

Entertainment is another industry where there is greater profitability for the business.

The most difficult part consists of the initial investment, since depending on the idea, we will have to invest in special equipment (for example, a billiard has to invest in tables, balls, cues, etc.) However, the main cost to consider then it is the rent of the premises and the expenses of promotion.
10. More service businesses

If you have a proposal for a service business idea, you can include it below in the comments section. We accept ideas, it is not space to promote your business. Thank you.